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Comments on the Course

"I would first like to say I had such a wonderful time in your class!! You bring to spirometry what Julia Child brought to cooking! I love your classes, I really feel like I leave having learned something. - Veronica C., April 19, 2016"

"Dr. Townsend - thank you so much for the 'great' program. I am so glad I signed up, this definitely exceeded my expectations. It is by far the best educational program I have ever attended (and I have been attending various programs for >28 years). Your knowledge of this subject and your teaching methods are unsurpassed! I came here knowing essentially nothing about PFTs/spirometry, but now I feel so much more prepared to begin doing these tests, the proper way... You're the best!! Also thanks to your team, they are awesome as well." - Ted T., PA-C, March 16, 2016

"Mary has a wonderful and unique interaction with students. Her subject knowledge is huge. Her energy level keeps students involved and alert. She can communicate with MD's, PhD's, Nurses, Techs, and Aides equally. I believe she does not send students from her course that cannot perform, teach, and collect high quality spirometry." - NIOSH Audit, June 9, 2010